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Item Number: G423810001
Lapis Lazuli Freeform - Very High Quality 1.56KG
Lapis Lazuli has been mined and used for jewelry for more than 6000 years. Its name is from "lapis," the Latin word for stone and "azul," the Arabian word for blue. Quality of Lapis is determined by its color and how close it matches it's namesake. Highest quality Lapis is a beautiful Lazur blue with the highest quality possesing and evenly distributed color without distracting calcite fissures, spots or splotches. This specimen is AAA rated and has a very evently distributed rich lazur blue. IDE
Price : $ 229.00
Ship To : International Shipping (Worldwide)
Shipping & Handling Charge : $ 14.95(International)
$ 9.95(Domestic)
Item Location : Not Available
Insurance : Optional
Stone Name : Lapis Lazuli   Gem Type : Natural
Treatment : [Select Treatment]   Lot Type : Single
Calibration : Preform   Reference No. : N/A
Certificate : Not Available        
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Return Policy : Returns Accepted
Order must be returned within : 14 Days
Refund will be given as : Money Back
Seller Information
: myriamsboutique
: Poulsbo
: United States
: March 2012
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